Our Story

Who Are We?

Renewal Missions Inc. is a non-profit organization which was established in San Diego, California. Our mission is to provide opportunities for the poor, neglected, abused, and individuals with special needs. Renewal Cards was introduced in 2014 to provide employment, aide, and mentoring opportunities for orphans & disabled individuals overseas in Shanghai, China. Our Renewal Team will be going to Shanghai, China in January 2015 to interact, mentor, and provide for these individuals. By seeking support from you, we are truly able to provide for individuals that we cannot do alone. We are currently accepting donations to help provide for these underprivileged individuals. In part of your donation, you will receive beautiful Chinese papercut cards specially handmade by the orphans and disabled individuals themselves. 

Why Donate?

This opportunity provides you with the chance to help out a population of individuals who are currently struggling in their lives. It allows us to help provide employment, aide, mentoring opportunities, and love for these underprivileged individuals.  The orphans and disabled individuals have been raised through neglect, abuse, and the lack of family their entire lives. The individuals we work with have also been raised through extremely poor and unsanitary living conditions. In addition, they have never truly experienced what it means to be loved and cared for. 

By the time they reach adulthood, they are unable to work and live independently as a result of the lack of education, direction, and ability when they are raised. Your proceeds will contribute towards providing them with the proper employment and mentoring opportunities in order to lead them in the right direction, trust, and care they have yet to experienced in their lives. The orphans and disabled individuals would also love to know that their handmade cards are truly being cherished and appreciated as well. 

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Why Chinese Papercut Cards?

Cards are a powerful way to show affection, love, and generosity in many different ways, Whether it be through holiday, birthday, get-well, or celebratory occasions, every card carries a meaning within. Chinese paper-cutting is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. The Chinese invented paper and during the Tang Dynasty, they started to use this process to make art. On behalf of Renewal Cards, we offer you the combination of China's elegance, culture, and meaning within these beautiful papercut cards along with the value of helping orphans and disabled individuals. Give your family, loved-ones, and friends a gift that they will remember even after the occasion is over. They are not any ordinary cards, but they are cards which carry a tremendous amount of value and love for the orphans and disabled individuals.