Christmas with orphans


'Christmas with Orphans', allows you to get in touch with the orphan and disabled individuals! You will receive a story each day from the lives of the orphan and disabled and you will have the opportunity to write back to them while being able to count down to Christmas! Christmas is widely celebrated throughout the world and what a better way to gear up for the holidays by thinking of others instead of yourselves. Send out your encouragements and prayers for these young underprivileged individuals. During Christmas time, we will compile these messages together and send them over! 'Christmas with Orphans' is available on Android and iOS.

Features: Each day you are given a story about an individual person or group of people. For that day you can write to that person or group, sending them encouraging notes. Count down to Christmas with our app as it reminds you to send more notes.

Our Goal: To encourage individuals in need as they receive training for lifelong skills to support themselves and be a part of their community. We will compile the notes for each recipient and deliver it to them on Christmas!


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