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See Card Designs

Our Story

Our Story

Please Support "The Shanghai Renewal Fund" Today

We Seek to Provide Employment, Mentoring Opportunities, and Aide for

Orphan & Disabled Individuals in Shanghai, China!

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The 2014 Christmas Program for the Orphans and Disabled Individuals in Shanghai, China Helped Changed Many Lives! 

You Have the Opportunity to Empower Orphan and the Disabled Individuals Who Need Employment and Mentorship 

I have been working in Shanghai, China for over 10 years now. I have seen many creative projects but the thing that most intrigued me were these paper-cut cards.

Each card is made individually and takes, sometimes, hours of work. It results in a product that is elegant and unique. When you see a paper-cut card for the first time you can understand why traditional greeting cards are not as popular in China.

In addition to benefiting these orphans and disabled individuals, I want to introduce Chinese Papercut cards to everyone and for people to truly experience the culture and value from these cards. Most importantly, I want to provide meaningful employment to the makers of these cards. I have had the opportunity to mentor many orphans and disabled people in China. One of the greatest needs of the community is employment. These cards take hours of training but have provided orphans and disabled individuals the opportunity to grow, learn, and take the initiative to improve their own lives. We are truly empowering them to do something amazing in their lives and ours.
— David Pat, Health Coach of Renewal Missions Inc.

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